Self Watering Vegetable Planter VP3000S

Model VP 3000S
Description Self Watering Vegetable Planter
Details Grow your own vegetables or display floral arrangements with this durable self watering planter.
Sizes Imperial ( cubic/ft, lbs and inches) Metric  (litres, kg and cm)
Capacity 11 US Gallons Soil, 2.6  US Gallons Water 41 L Soil, 10L Water
Weight 15 6.8
Height 10 25
Width 26 66
Depth 19 48
Weight 15 6.8
Height 10 25
Width 26 66
Depth 19 48
Material Polyethylene plastic with u.v. inhibitors
Recycled Content Recycled content
Color Beige Granite, Slate Grey, Sandstone, Terracotta, Cappuccino
Texture/Finish Smooth
Feature 1 Attractive contemporary design
Feature 2 Made from durable, u.v. resistant plastic with recycled content, which will last for many years
Feature 3 Built-in pockets for plant supports
Feature 4 Comes with built -in water fill tube, removable full wall liner, wall brace, water overflow hole and planting instructions.
Feature 5
Warranty One year against manufacturing defects
Assembly Some assembly required
Other Wire Stand Available

self watering vegetable planter

VP3000S Self Watering Planter

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