Composting Facts

Dig a hole in the ground and you’ll see dirt. Composted soil isn’t like dirt at all. It is in fact, one of the best nutrient-packed growing compounds you can use in your garden.

Sure if you just turn over the “dirt” in a garden bed you’ll be able to grow your flowers and vegetables, and perhaps you do that currently, but if you want the best looking flowers & plants, and the biggest tastiest veggies —just add some of your freshly made compost, and you’ll see the difference. Let the neighbors think you have a natural “green  thumb” —or tell them what you do and become the neighborhood expert.

Composting is easy. Add your table scraps and yard waste ingredients, turn to stir it, and wait while it matures.

What you can add:

Table scraps:

  • egg shells -just crush them a bit first
  • tea bags
  • coffee grounds
  • vegetable food scraps
  • vegetable & fruit peelings, apple cores etc.
  • Bread and pizza crusts (remove the meat from pizza)

Yard waste:

  • leaves (dry, and mold-free)
  • grass clippings (sparingly)
  • weeds from your gardens


What you can not add:

Table scraps:

  • meat
  • gravy

The list of items mentioned here is more or less a starter guide to getting your compost going, here is a link to Marion Owens blog listing many more items. Don’t be afraid to click these links to other pages as we place them in the text, because they open up in a brand new window, and when you close that new window you’ll come right back here. is a relatively new site & blog, and we fully intend to have many useful tips and features related to gardening on this site, and if we come across other expert writings on subjects that can help our visitors with better gardening, we’ll will also offer that link for you to read.

So please check back often and look through the categories for various gardening solutions

—happy gardening!