Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter – IM4000

Model IM4000
Description Tumbling Composter with Two Chambers for Efficient Batch Composting
Details This unique tumbling composter features two chambers – fill one side, while the other side cures, making it easy to efficiently convert your kitchen and yard waste into rich soil enhancing compost. Just load it up, close the sliding door and use the convenient built- in hand holds to give it a turn every couple days and see how it produces finished compost in weeks.  The tumbling composter is made with recycled, uv inhibited, black plastic which absorbs heat and is designed to be rodent-proof.    Help divert waste from landfill or costly processing and turn your own organic waste into compost in your own backyard.
Sizes Imperial ( cubic/ft, lbs and inches) Metric  (litres, kg and cm)
Capacity 5 cubic/ft 140 L
Weight 30 13.6
Height 8 20.3
Width 22 55.9
Depth 22 55.9
Weight 29 13.1
Height 36 91.4
Width 28 71.1
Depth 26 66
Material Polypropylene plastic with u.v. inhibitors, rust resistant steel tubing and hardware
Recycled Content 100% recycled plastic and 100% recycled steel tubing
Color Black plastic and silver frame
Texture/Finish Smooth with embossed symbols
Feature 1 Durable plastic barrel and strong  steel frame
Feature 2 Easy turn barrel with convenient built- in hand holds
Feature 3 Adjustable Air vents
Feature 4 Rodent resistant
Feature 5 Space efficient size
Warranty One year against manufacturing defects
Assembly Some assembly required

IM4000 Tumbling Composter

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