Assembling Your New Tumbling Composter

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Assembly Steps:

  1. Composter in box;
  2. Open box;
  3. Remove the four “L-shape” stand pieces & join the two left & right fronts and the l&r back pieces at their centers. Be sure the two open ends match each other in height.
  4. Find the two “V-shape” pieces and connect to the open ends on one side and then the other. Then secure each piece with the nut & bolts supplied;
  5. Find the horizontal “axel” bar and then the black plastic sleeve. Slide the sleeve over the bar;
  6. Add the two end caps and the center divider wall onto the axel;
  7. With the two long nut & bolts, join the axel to the stand. Place bolt down through the top and nut on the bottom of each side;
  8. Locate the center drilled hole at the top on each end cap and rotate to the top;
  9. Keep the two end caps in the top position you just rotated to, and pick up one of the side panels;
  10. As you stand to the right side of the unit so far, place your first side panel on the first plane to the left of the plane at the top;
  11. Fit the side panel in place and line-up  the 4 holes. Be sure to fit the center divider into the slot on the underside of the panel, and secure with small nuts and bolts;
  12. While you are standing and facing the right end cap, rotate that first panel clockwise one plane bringing the next plane to the top. Repeat step 11 and add the 2nd side panel fitting it over the lip edge of the first panel;
  13. Repeat step 12 for side panel three;
  14. Repeat step 12 for side panel four;
  15. Repeat step 12 for side panel five;
  16. Repeat step 12 for side panel six;
  17. Repeat step 12 for side panel seven;
  18. Repeat step 12 for the door side panel eight. Fully remove the slide-out door and secure with the nut & bolts;
  19. Slide the door back into the composter;
  20. Congratulations your dual chamber composter is complete… happy gardening!